Monday, November 11, 2013

Line dancing - Newark Symphony Hallay

So we've been in Newark a couple of weeks now...  That's how long it takes for Teresa to get a line dancing itch!  How great is Google for finding anything you want ?  Friday night we ended up at the old but graceful Newark Symphony Hall with about 200 other line dancing aficionados. Met some great folks  and ate some great food.

Saturday was a recovery day, movies and...  Sunday was a trip to NYC.  Wanted to see a play or musical.  Just can't wrap my head around the fact a half price ticket still costs $75 - $90.  We passed and took a double decker bus tour instead.  Had a great lunch at an original Peruvian restaurant.  Good food and great service.

Having trouble with picassa, getting pics in, can't show line dancing...

Anyway, another great weekend in Newark, NJ.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jets 26 - Saints 20

Though both Teresa and myself were quietly rooting for Dree Brees and the Saints, they lost.  Was still a great game and fun to go to.  I was lamenting the end of daylight saving time this morning as I sat here watching my sweetheart slumber along and wondered what to do today.  First I checked Stubhub for football ticket prices and thought "no way, Jose".  I was in such sticker shock i can't even remember the prices.  Then I checked eBay and they weren't that bad.  So we got tickets to the Jet vs Saints game.  Was a great game day.

Saturday 11/2

I'm sure you're not supposed to have this much fun working...  We'll not really working, but working in so many different places and then having the opportunity to explore.  Which is really what we like to do.

During the week our schedule is a bit crazy.  Not like driving truck crazy, but a bit crazy in its own way. I know I mentioned we are going to be at Newark airport form a month hearing testing almost 4,000 United employees and this was our schedule last week.

Mon 0500 - 0900  and  1330 - 1730
Tue  0300 - 0700  and  0900 - 1300
Wed 0500 - 0900  and  1200 - 1600
Thu  0500 - 0900  and  1200 - 1600
Fri   1600 - 2000  and   2200 - 0200

So you see not arduous, just a bit crazy.

Yesterday we moved out of the Doubletree and into the Courtyard.  We will be settled here for the next three weeks.  Then searched out another Turkish restaurant.  We ended up at the Rumi Turkish Grill in Jersey City.  Another winner!!!  Don't know if we're lucky or the Turks just serve up great food.  Then we walked around the waterfront area across from the NEW World Trade Center.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween con't...

Follow up to post remaining pics from NYC...

MC Hammer.  I thought the yellow suited guy was a germaphobe.  Teresa let me know he was in costume "Breaking Bad".

Anyway good time...

Nice to hear from you, Jason, keep in touch.


Yesterday we finished our testing work day and headed back to the hotel and ran into this couple headed to the Halloween parade in downtown NYC.

So we decided to "follow the money".  They are old hats at the train commute thing and led us all the from Newark to NYC.

Certainly in the top 5 of costumes we saw.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Atlantic City

No excuses, not lazy, just busy...

Hard to recap everywhere we've in the past few weeks, seen so much.  Believe we are through with Massachusetts and Connecticut.  We will be "stationed" for the next month on Newark Liberty Airport. We had a chance to see Jackie Evancho in concert in Worcester, MA (properly pronounced as worsta).  Was really good, she's really grown up from America's Got Talent.

We spent a couple of days sightseeing around Cape Cod, quite lovely in all it's fall colors.

Last night we stayed in Atlantic City.  Had brunch at the Trump Taj Mahal.  If you are here, DO NOT go there for the buffet.  It was awful, cold and cheap in appearance.  Would have done better at a Golden Corral and at 29.95 each it was quite a rip off.   Saw other guests request refunds.  Good news I won 10 bucks from the one armed bandits.  Not bad on a penny machine...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Water Fire continued

Water Fire was initiated in 1994 to encourage locals to come downtown on a Saturday night, and it works.

Watching a fire is a very primal feeling and the setting was beautiful.  We really enjoyed it.