Monday, November 11, 2013

Line dancing - Newark Symphony Hallay

So we've been in Newark a couple of weeks now...  That's how long it takes for Teresa to get a line dancing itch!  How great is Google for finding anything you want ?  Friday night we ended up at the old but graceful Newark Symphony Hall with about 200 other line dancing aficionados. Met some great folks  and ate some great food.

Saturday was a recovery day, movies and...  Sunday was a trip to NYC.  Wanted to see a play or musical.  Just can't wrap my head around the fact a half price ticket still costs $75 - $90.  We passed and took a double decker bus tour instead.  Had a great lunch at an original Peruvian restaurant.  Good food and great service.

Having trouble with picassa, getting pics in, can't show line dancing...

Anyway, another great weekend in Newark, NJ.

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Jason said...

Glad to see an updated profile picture!